Cosmic Futures

Cosmic Futures is Femme Salée’s fourth zine issue. It is about the increasing encroachment of the “Metaverse” into our lived realities and everyday lives. As we move from physical to encompassing digital spaces, real-world issues like representation, racism, gendered, and sexual biases could be solved through equitable digital access or be furthered entrenched across the digital and physical divide.

Perverse Bodies

Perverse Bodies is a meditation on what it means to have a “perverse body” as someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or non-binary. It delves into the “perverse” or contrary in terms of sexuality but also in terms of age, class position, creative output, (dis)ability, disease, gender identity, media choices, mortality, mourning, power, racial identity, religion, reproductive organs, and self-care for personal health.

Bad Health

Bad Health is Femme Salée’s inaugural zine edition. Inspired by the Founder & Director’s body & mind experiences living with cystic fibrosis, the Bad Health issue features artworks, poems, & creative writings by artists & writers living with chronic illness(es). Contributors present works that demonstrate & reveal their private, daily lives as people living with “bad” health.