Femme Salée strives to generate profound art scholarship focused on complex embodiment, cultivate critical & creative digital art & writing practices, & encourage challenging conversations directed towards a more inclusive art world.


In all that we do, Femme Salée is a crucial & innovative online art journal, zine, salon, & shop dedicated to the voices working within exceptional art communities.


Femme Salée is an online intersectional platform focused on feminist, queer, BIPOC, & disability body & mind experiences in the arts; whether “arts” is defined as visual, performative, literary, sound, etc. Working closely with artists, writers, curators, educators, & art enthusiasts, Femme Salée produces projects that demand thoughtful reading & viewing. Our primary publication is the yearly digital art journal & biannual art zine. The fundamental objective of Femme Salée is to promote & support anyone passionate about bringing disability, queer, BIPOC, & feminist narratives to the forefront of art scholarship, art practice, & curation. Issues are devoted to the collaborative production of knowledge around specific concerns related to human experiences such as pain, care, & dependency. Journal & zine issues may include essays, interviews, reviews, literature, artworks, performances, or exhibitions. Art practice, criticism, history, and theory are most important to us.

Femme Salée was founded in 2017 as an informal collective of artists, writers, & curators for the purpose of publishing an online art journal that resists mainstream culture. Through sustained inquiry & creative research, we strive to enrich the public sphere by encouraging all, but especially those in the art world, to elevate the voices that share exceptional narratives.

Contribution to the yearly art journal & biannual zine is currently by invitation only, but Femme Salée aims to hold open calls in the future.

def: femme∙salée n., French, dirty or nasty woman, salty woman. A feminist, queer, and disability studies concept used to describe a person who insists on disrupting the mainstream consumption of art and culture.

Editors & Staff

Founder & Director Mary Grace Bernard

Development & Grant Writer Madeleine Boyson

Social Media Coordinator Jenna Clark

Volunteer Opportunities

At this time, Femme Salée is completely volunteer-run. We are always looking for interns and volunteers passionate about art, writing, and promoting underrepresented voices. Femme Salée seeks interns or volunteers to assist with editorial work, grant research and writing, and content research. If these opportunities are of interest to you, please email us at femmesalee@gmail.com with your curriculum vitae and a letter of purpose.