Lilly Barrientos

First-generation Cuban-American Lisbet “Lilly” Barrientos is an Art Historian & story-teller. In 2018, she received a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and will obtain an M.A. from the University of Denver in 2020. An intersectional feminist, Barrientos draws from visual culture to amplify the stories of historically silenced communities.

Mary Grace Bernard

Mary Grace (MG) is the Founder & Director of Femme Salée. She is an artist & scholar living with cystic fibrosis, a chronic illness that informs her daily art & writing practice. In an effort to combine art theory & art practice, Mary Grace analyzes contemporary performance artists through performances of her own. In an attempt to break down binaries, she makes the invisibility of chronic illness visible & advocates the importance of bringing the (dis)abled community to the forefront of art historical & theoretical conversations. She is currently an artist in residence at The Temple Contemporary Artist Haven in Denver.

Dannielle Cunningham

Danielle is a mentally ill person living in Denver, CO. Influenced by mysticism, science fiction, & fantasy imagery, she creates art that re-contextualizes science fiction tropes while subverting mainstream ideas of gender, sexuality, and (dis)ability. She often pursues collaborations because her practice lies in DIY/punk & Marxist feminist methodologies. As a member of Hexus Collective, Danielle has curated exhibitions, performed, & created installations using Magick to de-stigmatize mental illness. Since 2018, she has studied Art History & Museum Studies at the University of Denver, where she was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship at the Vicki Myhren Gallery.

Ashley Mingus

Ashley Mingus is the Copy Editor of Femme Salée. She holds an MA in Art History and Museum Studies & currently works as a freelance editor. She loves everything to do with art, books, poetry, & history. When she is not reading or writing, she likes taking long walks in the lovely Colorado sunshine & inexpertly hitting keys on the piano.

Eileen Roscina Richardson

Eileen Roscina Richardson is an artist, experimental filmmaker & naturalist from Denver, Colorado. She earned a BFA from Emerson College in Boston, MA & trained at the School of Botanical Art and Illustration in Denver. Through biomimicry & the study of biophilia, her work examines human’s spiritual and social (dis)connection with nature, & seeks to raise questions about realizing a radically different metaphoric mapping of time, space & human’s place in the world. She has exhibited film internationally, was the 2019 Resident Artist for the National Western Stock Show, & is a current resident at RedLine Contemporary Art Center. She is represented by Walker Fine Art Gallery in Denver, CO.