Mary Grace Bernard

Mary Grace (MG) is the Founder & Director of Femme Salée. She is an artist & scholar living with cystic fibrosis, a chronic illness that informs her daily art & writing practice. In an effort to combine art theory & art practice, Mary Grace analyzes contemporary performance artists through performances of her own. In an attempt to break down binaries, she makes the invisibility of chronic illness visible & advocates the importance of bringing the (dis)abled community to the forefront of art historical & theoretical conversations. She is currently an artist in residence at The Temple Contemporary Artist Haven in Denver.

Dannielle Cunningham

Danielle is a mentally ill person living in Denver, CO. Influenced by mysticism, science fiction, & fantasy imagery, she creates art that re-contextualizes science fiction tropes while subverting mainstream ideas of gender, sexuality, and (dis)ability. She often pursues collaborations because her practice lies in DIY/punk & Marxist feminist methodologies. As a member of Hexus Collective, Danielle has curated exhibitions, performed, & created installations using Magick to de-stigmatize mental illness. Since 2018, she has studied Art History & Museum Studies at the University of Denver, where she was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship at the Vicki Myhren Gallery.