Natani Notah

A digital artwork part of F&S's fifth zine issue, I'm Sorry.

Natani Notah (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist working in a range of media, such as sculpture, collage, & installation. She received her BFA with a minor in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies from Cornell University & an MFA from Stanford University. She has exhibited her work nationwide & she is currently a 2021-2023 Tulsa Artist Fellow.

"My new works explore connections between bodies, objects, & landforms. Central to the work is the concept of harmony & important questions surrounding contemporary existence & legality. How do we find beauty or balance in a chaotic & often violent world? What kinds of attacks are being waged & how do we survive them? My various series collage fragments together to provide space for alternative bodies & thoughts to exist simultaneously. Familiar & unfamiliar figures float, reach, & walk toward someone or something else. In a similar vein, my sculptures reference abstract limbs that are both human & nonhuman. Each piece is adorned with brightly beaded patches that look like freckles & tumors, while tufts of artificial fur allude to mammals or new life forms. In all, my practice highlights where history, politics, land, & human rights converge."

Cheslea Kaiah is the editor of Femme Salée's fifth zine issue, I'm Sorry.

Chelsea Kaiah (she/her) is a passionate activist for Native rights, awareness, & sustainability. Her practice involves adapting customary materials & techniques, such as pine needle weaving, porcupine quilling, & hide work, to address resilience, mental health, system reformation, & means of healing. Kaiah is White River Ute & White Mountain Apache/Irish settler, born on the Northern Ute reservation. She earned her BFA at Watkins College of Art & Design in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2022, Kaiah was awarded the Native Arts & Cultures LIFT grant for early career support & is the Native Arts Artist-in-Residence at the Denver Art Museum, November 2022-February 2023. She was also invited to participate in Redline’s Artist-in-Residency program for emerging, contemporary Colorado artists. She currently resides in Denver.

I'm Sorry


I. Introduction by Chelsea Kaiah

II. SMAD Peach by Sumer Mohsen

III. Please leave a message 001 by Brandyn Busico

V. Violin Landscapes by Joshua Jauregui
VI. Remembering by Iako'tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers
VII. Roses Soft by Cherish Marquez
VIII. Untitled by Holly Nordeck
IX. Jane Roe by Natani Notah
X. Crater by Rowan Hynds
XI. Bridges We Burn by Carmen Selam