Sumer Mohsen

A digital artwork part of F&S's fifth zine issue, I'm Sorry.

Sumer Mohsen (she/her) is a daughter of an Indigenous mother from Oklahoma & an Arab father who emigrated from Saudi Arabia. Raised with a complex identity, her work revolves around the work of our subconscious behaviors rooted in lineage & trauma. I have experimented with all things functional, from nail art & adornments to co-creating a spirit message deck.
"My art revolves around healing & self-reflection through ancestral gifts & cheekiness. The idea of never receiving an I'm Sorry that is well-deserved remains a common theme in my life. I wanted this work to be playful while including my hands, which are an extension of my mother's hands, & my grandmother's hands. I offer a beaded "smad" sad/mad peach surrounded by tender flowers. My vision offers a safe space & soft landing spot to come home to ourselves when others don't give us the closure or understanding we deserve."

I'm Sorry


I. Introduction by Chelsea Kaiah

II. SMAD Peach by Sumer Mohsen

III. Please leave a message 001 by Brandyn Busico

V. Violin Landscapes by Joshua Jauregui
VI. Remembering by Iako'tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers
VII. Roses Soft by Cherish Marquez
VIII. Untitled by Holly Nordeck
IX. Jane Roe by Natani Notah
X. Crater by Rowan Hynds
XI. Bridges We Burn by Carmen Selam