Iako’tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers

A digital artwork part of F&S's fifth zine issue, I'm Sorry.

Iako'tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers (she/they) (Seneca, Six Nations of the Grand River) is an emerging self-taught artist & graphic designer currently based in Montreal, Québec, in Kanien'keha:ka territory. She is building her practice across digital illustration, street art, & screen printing mediums.

"Titled Remembering, this submission was commissioned for the Hënödeyësdahgwa'geh wa'öki'jö' ögwahsä's. Onëh i:'jögwadögwea:je' Exhibition. Truth. Remembrance. Healing. The Thomas Indian School (TIS). Curated by Hayden Hayes. This work is a collaborative digital media response which builds off of a portrait taken of Jocelyn Jones (Seneca) at the TIS site by Hayden Haynes (Seneca), featuring digital illustrations by Iako'tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers (Seneca). Taking inspiration from the Condolence Cane, Iako'tsi:rareh incorporates pictographs found on the Condolence Cane which represent the Clans of the Western Door through each Royaner title. Large, bold depictions of the Celestial Tree are shown behind the model. This work represents the strength & courage of our survivors who have maintained our languages, ceremonies, laws, & lifeways despite the burdens placed on their hearts & minds. This work seeks to honor our connection to the everlasting tree, & invoke the remembering of the Condolence as we gather to dust our minds so that we may clear our eyes, our ears, & our throats together."

I'm Sorry


I. Introduction by Chelsea Kaiah

II. SMAD Peach by Sumer Mohsen

III. Please leave a message 001 by Brandyn Busico

V. Violin Landscapes by Joshua Jauregui
VI. Remembering by Iako'tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers
VII. Roses Soft by Cherish Marquez
VIII. Untitled by Holly Nordeck
IX. Jane Roe by Natani Notah
X. Crater by Rowan Hynds
XI. Bridges We Burn by Carmen Selam