Bit by Bit

by Eileen Roscina

This digital exhibition is a multimedia response to a survey given to a group of anonymous artists in isolation, initially probing the questions:

  1. What are some of the difficulties of social isolation for you?
  2. How is your body/mind/creativity responding?
  3. Have you found connection via common body & mind experiences?
  4. How can mutual care & dependency transmit in virtual space, and where does it fall short?

With the artists’ answers, Bit by Bit resulted in a visual interpretation of individual and collective experiences by creatives living during a pandemic. One year later, in March 2021, I asked the same artists to respond with a six word poem regarding their current state of being. As the world was reduced and flattened to pixels and boxes, time seemed to simultaneously collapse and expand while days merged together. What emerged was the common theme of loops. Living in loops—breaking free of loops—embracing loops—reframing our idea of loops, and through this, bit by bit, we rediscovered ways of connecting with our creative selves and with each other.